Amazing Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

About Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls is the most famous waterfall which locates on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls was deliberated as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1989.
Having a unique structure, Victoria Falls produces the largest single sheet of flowing water with 1,708 meters wide and 108 meters high which looks so great and beautiful in the world.

Best Time to Visit
There are two seasons, wet (rainy) and dry seasons with the area of the Falls. The wet season is from late November to early April and the dry season starts from late March until mid-November every year. In reality, it doesn’t mean the wet season is the perfect time to visit and during late dry seasons, between August and October is also not good time to visit while we can see rock more than water. The best time to visit for tourists is in June and July because the Falls will forceful and visible.

Image: ninara

Image: unknown