Bigar Waterfall in Romania

Izvorul Bigăr is very well known as Bigar Waterfall located in Bozovici, Caraş-Severin County in southwestern Romania. Bigar Waterfall is a protected area which is one of the reserved nature by IUCN. Covering on an area of 175.60 ha, Izvorul Bigăr or Bigar Waterfall is one of the most unique waterfall in the world and one of the most beautiful places in Romania. There are several facts that The World Geography proved that the Bigar Waterfall is one in list of eight unique waterfalls in the world includes the way of the water spreads and falls in tiny shreds of water. The locals in Romania call it as the “miracle from the Minis Canyon.
Bigar Waterfall in Romania is one of the most incredible waterfall in the world with the fall is over 8 meters tall. This amazing natural wonder is absolutely stunning site on earth that we must see. If you can’t visit this place enjoy here beautiful photos and don’t forget share to your friends and family.
Bigar Waterfall in Romania

Bigar Waterfall in Rominia
Image: Adam Rifkin

Bigar Waterfall in Rominia 1

Bigar Waterfall in Rominia 2


Bigar Waterfall in Rominia 4

Bigar Waterfall in Rominia 5

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