Horsetail Fall in Yosemite National Park in USA

I think you may here Yosemite National Park in California of United States where is one of very popular national parks in USA. If you know this park you may know Horsetail Fall which is the world’s national wonder. It is one of amazing places located in Yosemite National Park. Horsetail Fall is a seasonal waterfall which generally flows in winter and early spring. Its flow in February is very wonderful because the setting sun illuminates the waterfall and makes the fall glow orange and red. This natural phenomenon makes the Horsetail Fall more beautiful and attractive in that period. The fall drops into two streams alongside but the drops are slight and small. One drops 470 meters and another one drops 480 meters which is the longest one. The total height of the waterfalls is 620 meters.
There is a picnic area that visitors can see the waterfall clearly. You can enjoy your time with family or friends watching this amazing spectacular.

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Image: newsnish

Horsetail Falls
Image: sci-universe