Panjin Red Beach in China

Panjin Red Beach, China
The Red Beach is found in the Liaohe River Delta which is about 30 kilometers from Southwest of Panjin City in China. The name of Red Beach is referred to the red color from a kind of grass where grow in saline and alkaline soil about 100 square kilometers reed field of Dawa County. Because of beautiful and scenic appearance from type of sea weed that flourishes on this field. Generally the weed starts growing during April or May every year which leftovers green during the summer. During autumn, the weed becomes flaming red that make the beach looks almost red on the whole area where is called The Red Beach.
If you want to visit the Red Beach for one day from Shenyang, you can take CSR train from Shenyang to Panjin which will take about one and haft hour. Then you can take a taxi from train station to this beautiful red beach. There are many tourism services there. Enjoy your trip there!!!

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Image Credit: Jia Mi

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Source: Tintori

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Image Credit: Kirsten Wong

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