Pink Sand Beach – Harbour Island, Bahamas

I think you may also here about Red Beach in China and Pink Lake in Australia. This is other amazing nature on earth that you should know. It is Pink Sands Beach which locates in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Harbour Island is only about 1.5 miles wide and 3.5 miles long and it is very famous for its pink sand beaches which considered as one of the prettiest beaches on earth. The pink sand beaches are found all along the east side of the island and visitors can access the island by airplane through North Eleuthera Airport then followed by a short water taxi ride from neighbouring North Eleuthera.

Known as Briland to the local visitors, Harbour Island is a very popular destination for American families, for its colorful sand beaches, beautiful flowers along the streets and the several buildings of English Colonial Style.


Pink-Sand-Beach-Bahamas 2
Photo: holidaygeeks

Pink-Sand-Beach-Bahamas 3
Photo: Royal Caribbean

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