Rock Islands in Palau

Today we take you to know one of amazing islands in the world in Palau. This is the Rock Island of Palau and it is also well known as Chelbacheb. Rock Islands are a collection of limestone or coral uprises which is an ancient relics of coral reefs that violently surfaced to form Islands in Palau’s Southern Lagoon between Koror and Peleliu. Covering an aggregate area of square kilometers with a height up to 207 meters, this area consists of about 300 islands in the group. The Rock Islands were announced as the World Heritage Site since 2012.

The islands are very famous to the world for their attractive beaches, beautiful blue lagoons and the unique umbrella-like shapes of the islands. Additionally, there are natural resources includes surrounding reefs, Blue Corner, Blue hole, Ngermeaus Island, German Channel and the famed Jellyfish lake which is very well known among many Marine lakes in the Rock Islands. Rock Islands is the most dive destination in Palau which offers the best and most diverse dive sites on the planet. Moreover, visitors will also find the location of Dolphin Bay in the islands and they will get to know about the life of dolphins. This popular destination is very famous to the world and nowadays is attracting numerous tourists to visit every.


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Image: Mark Kenworthy