Top 10 Longest Bridges in the World

This article is talking about the longest bridges in the world. In fact, there many longest bridges on earth and China a country which has a lot of longest bridges in the world. But we selected only the top ten longest bridges in the world for this post. The reference of the source for this post mainly are from and Guinness World Records website. We hope you enjoy and please don’t forget to share to your friends if you like and tell us your comments at the end of post. This top ten bridges is ranked from number 1 to 10.

1. Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge is currently the world’s longest bridge and it was recorded by Guinness as a longest bridge in the world for any type in June 2011 with the length of 164,800 meters. Locating on the railway between Shanghai and Nanjing in Jiangsu province, it is in the Yangtze River Delta running roughly to the Yangtze River, Danyang, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou and ending in Kunshan. Passing Suzhou, it is across Yangcheng Lake about 9 kilometers long over open water. The bridge was built from 2006 to 2010 and officially opened in 2011 with cost about $8.5 billion.
1. Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge
Image source: lazerhorse
The purpose of building the bridge is for High-Speed Railway from Beijing to Shanghai and it is called as Jinghu High-Speed Railway with 1,318 kilometers long of high-speed railway that can run with speed of 300 kilometers per hour. The railway is connected to the two major economic zones in China including the Bohai Economic Rim and the Yangtze River Delta.

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